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Bonded NdFeB Brief Introduction 
Bonded NdFeB magnet represents one of the more important groups of magnetic materials available today. They can be tailored to suit a wide range of magnetic and physical strength, size, shape, and temperature characteristics. The Bonded NdFeB materials used in this process are isotropic materials(MQP) which do not require magnetic alignment of the powder during processing. The magnets can be magnetized any direction according to customer’s design, such as Axial, Multipolar, Radial and so on.
The Bounded NdFeB magnet is mainly used for all kinds of micor miniature motors, such as spindle motor, stepping motor, synchronous motor, DC motor and brushless DC motor. It can replace sintered NdFeB magnet and ferrite, making motor assembling simpler and more, reliable reducing costs and improving efficiency.

Through injection, bonding or other methods, the magnet is formed as rotor assembly in connection with shaft, iron core and hub, etc
Various shapes and sizes are available

Compaction NdFeB magnet
Material: isotropic NdFeB powder (MQP) + adhesives
Shape: block, column, arc, ring and so on.
Size range: D1 to D300mm
Coating: epoxy, parylene, others 
Magnetization: Axial, radial, multipolar and so on
Leading time for mould and magnetizing jig: 10 days

Production Process 
Magnetic powder inspection—Powder blending—Compressing molding—Curing—Cutting and Grinding—Coating—Inspection—Packing

Magnetic properties

Pls check below magnetic properties sheet.