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AlNiCo Magnets Introduciton
AlNiCo Magnets are fored by casting or powder metallurgical processes. Both of them have good corrosion resistance characteristic, no coating is needed for surface protection. AlNiCo remains the workhorse of the permanent magnet industry and can be relied upon to deliver impressive flux density at an economical price. AlNiCo also boasts the lowest temperature coefficient of any commercial magnet material(.02% per degree centigrade) allowing for excellent stability over a wide temperature range. The maximum working temperature can be higher than 400 degree for this magnets.

Various sizes and shapes are available here


Production Process
Raw Material—Mixing—Modeling—Melting—Coarse Grinding—Heat Treatment—Testing—Cutting and Grinding—Inspection—Packing

Magnetic Properties

Pls check below magnetic properties sheet.